KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Shower Head and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome


Provides full detail on this modern musically enhanced shower head, the make and sprays, installation ease and the shop to buy from.


Description:- Showering has never been more fan than using this high pressure shower head. This 1.05 pound chrome polished shower head will bring both luxury to your both and also dance. It is made to sync with a wireless Blue tooth speaker that’s detached and as you want to listen to your music on shower you will just dock it directly to the shower head and will magnetically attach. The speaker syncs with devices up to 32 feet away this range is as good as it is as you can select musing from your living room and listen to it in the shower. The speaker will grantee that you will dance I the shower as it can play a play list from your devices for 7 hours uninterrupted with the lithium-ion batteries fully charged. The reason why it’s not attached to the shower is that it does not limit you to just suing it in the shower but can move with it in your house and also charge it at your place of comfort. As you shower you just want a soft good music on your speaker and the speaker to the shower head has just 1.5 watts of it and its distortion rat is as little as 1% as its water resistant. It’s important also to note that its battery life will depend on the use, environmental conditions and also the settings you put to it.


Made of and sprays it is made of silicon to guarantee that you will not have minerals build up that will lead to your shower head being nonfunctional. The number of sprays is actually quite important while you are selecting a good shower head. The Kholer k-9245 CP has 60 Sprays that will ensure that you muscles get hit on the right way. This is on a full coverage and also enveloping spray. It’s a one function shower head that you do not certainly want to miss out on and what better way than to get it on amazon.


Installation you might now be wondering about its installation because we have now talked about a shower head that has a speaker. The ease of installation is so easy that you do not have to ask for a technician in this but just read through the manual and you will be set to go for your first dance in the shower.


Shop to buy when you shop at amazon you will this modern dance music shower head and will also come along with a charge U.S.B. and a warranty of 1 year. Go and get your switch pot and play shower head with music for dance and class

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